Lighthouse News

Volunteers Barry and Elaine are mapping and transcribing the Chance Brothers lighthouse order books.


Barry Johnson is undertaking the eye watering task of searching for lighthouses world wide. Barry is unpicking his way through complex copperplate handwriting that has been photographically digitized by volunteers to find the locations of lighthouses with Chance optics. In total there are 30 order books…Elaine Davies also has the unenviable task of organising this information into a useful document that will track the date and location of these wonderful sentinels of the coastline. It’s a time consuming, complex but ultimately worthwhile task.

Our other volunteers that are working directly with the Sandwell Archives are:

Nanette Hedley; Order book photography

Diane Hill; Order book photography

Linda Brown; Order book photography

Pat Rodwell; Oral history recording.

Sarah Fortes-Mayer: Oral history assistance, photography and order book photography.


On the brink of disaster – Orfordness Lighthouse faces ‘real risk’ of significant storm damage this week.

Orfordness Lighthouse on the Norfolk Coast, England is under threat. It has been temporarily saved by an injection of cash. In the long term it needs our help. 

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