Bournville College links with Low Point Lighthouse in Canada



Image: Dennis Jarvis


Level 3 Students at Bournville are set to find out more about Low Point Lighthouse in Canada, nestled in an important strategic point in wartime maritime history. This is the third successful lighthouse link that Bournville has forged since the beginning of the project.

Debbie Lee Pearson, the director of the Low Point Lighthouse society has told us that they are like “Kids in a candy shop” waiting for our friendship certificate. Debbie said, “Our society is doing our best to save this iconic and historical lighting station from ruin.” Unfortunately, Chance Glassworks is in a similar situation. It is hoped that the continued efforts to raise the profile of both of these historic sites will bring forward the good fortune these iconic landmarks need.

Previously Bournville has befriended Nash Point Lighthouse in Wales and South Solitary Island in New South Wales, Australia.

We hope that this won’t be the end of the lighthouse links at Bournville as the students have learnt so much about lighthouse lenses and glassware that Chance Glassworks produced.

Find out more about Low Points struggle against the incoming tide in their wiki page here.

Find out more about the area itself in terms of its strategic position in maritime history here.

We will be posting more photos of student work on this page over the coming weeks. We are also looking forward to an exhibition that will include work inspired by Chance Glassworks on Thursday 15th June. Times and exact dates to be advised.


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