Taking Chances & Chance Encounters Magazine 2006.

Chance Encounters

The ‘Chance Encounters’ (2006) magazine was produced as part of the Taking Chances project, supported by the Heritage Lottery fund. The project focus was to obtain oral histories from the workers of Chance Glass Works and for the benefit of the local community and beyond. We are pleased to be able to share these stories here.

The project was run by The Public in West Bromwich.

Project Manager: Angela Hind.

Creative Producers: Catherine Tarbuck, Keith Bloomfield, Richard Franks.

Design: Gavin Ingram.

Personal Assistant: Jodie Francis

Click on the links to download a copy.

Chance Encounters Vol 1. No 1

chance-encounters001 chance-encounters-2006-low-res-vol-1-no-1


Chance Encounters Vol 1. No.2

chance-encounters001 chance-encounters-2006-low-res-vol-1-no-2






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