Lighthouse Locations World Wide

There are lighthouses situated all over the world, not all of them have used Chance’s apparatus. We are currently researching with an aim to find where they are. Do you know of a lighthouse that used Chance’s lenses? If you do please get in touch using the contact page.

So far thanks to the research efforts on other websites we have been able to compile a list of lighthouses that have Chance apparatus installed. Again, any findings of lighthouses (particularly ones with Chance apparatus) in the UK or around the world please drop us a line via our contact page.

All photos and links will be gratefully received and we will be sure to credit the source accordingly.

Please do not copy directly from any website without prior permission, although linking to the site directly is always welcome to ensure accuracy. If in any doubt always ask on our contact page.

If you find any errors or omissions please let us know.

Thank you!

Hover over and click on the small broken square to view the larger map – otherwise the web links won’t open.





Ogidigben (Oidigbe, Escravos River. Delta State Lighthouse) Ref: Chance Comments (1952) Mar-April Ed. No online photos or exact location found.




Tipara Reef (light tower 2)



Surf Coast Shire Lighthouse (The White Queen)

Split Point (Eagles Nest Point, “The White Queen”)


Cape Nelson


Cape Leeuwin


Cape Naturaliste


Point Moore (Geraldton)


Pointe Mitis (Métis-sur-Mer)



Alderney (Casquets Lighthouse)




Burnham On Sea


Happisburgh Lighthouse

Happisburgh Lighthouse in the distance Holly O' Meara

Happisburgh Lighthouse. Photo by Holly O’Meara

Happisburgh LightHouse by Holly O'Meara

Photo by Holly O’Meara








Orfordness (Orford Ness)


Portishead Point (Battery Point)


Farne Islands   

Lots of information in this guide about Farne and Chance Brothers in general in Grace’s Guide. 


Flamborough Head


Guernsey (Les Hanois)


Hartland Point


Round Island Lighthouse


Shot Tower (South Bank, London) Festival of Britain Lighthouse.

Ref: Chance Comments (1951) July-Aug ed.


Souter Lighthouse


South Foreland Lighthouse


South Stack Lighthouse


Spurn Head Lighthouse


Start Point Lighthouse




Wolf Rock

Pathe Video here:





LIGHTSHIPS ‘Krishna’ and ‘Baragua’  Chance Comments (1953) July-Aug Ed. 




Slyne Head (West)                                    (The world’s largest mirror light According to Chance Comments (Edition July -Aug 1951)

Mew Island and Tory Island Lighthouse – Found in the Chance Brothers Lighthouse Order books By Dr Sally Montgomery. These lighthouse lenses were originally constructed by Barbier in 1884 and 1887 respectively. An entry was found in the Chance Brothers Order books on 16th August 1924. Modifications to the light were conducted and engineered by Chance Glass Works.







Isla Pérez (Scorpion Reef, Arrecife Alacrán)

unable to find coordinates



Cape Sierra Leone




Málaga City 

Málaga (“La Farola”)




Galle (Pointe de Galle) (2)




Cape Columbine Lighthouse (Weather Station?)




TANZANIA Pemba Island.

Ras Kigomasha



COLUMBO- Clock Tower light replacement Ref Chance Comments (1952) March-April Ed


Grand Turks Island Lighthouse (Bahamas Archiapelago)


Sand Cay   (Unable to locate digitally)   Ref:Chance Comments (1949) Vol 2; No 5; P8


Bocus  (Unable to locate digitally) Ref:Chance Comments (1949) Vol 2; No 5; P8


Point Galera   (Trinidad & Tobago) Ref:Chance Comments (1949) Vol 2; No 5; P8



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