Bournville College make lighthouse links

Week 5. Collage and stitch.

Today, level 2 students used their printmaking outcomes and worked them into collage creations.

Students used scale, colour, orientation, overlapping and composition to make new images based on their lino prints.

Week 4. Printmaking.

A really successful lino print workshop! Some of the images are abstracted from Chance glass patterns and some, more obviously, are from lighthouses taken from research and inspired by photos taken from Nash Point in Wales.



Week 3.  Bournville students design fashion ideas inspired by Chance Brothers Glass Works.

Level 2 students at Bournville College took inspiration from their visit to Nash Point lighthouse to create stylish designs for their project. The lighthouse lens and the ‘Swirl’ design from the Chance Glass home ware range (from David Encill’s book ‘ Expressions’) has given students plenty of source material to excel in their work.

As you can see there is a range of ideas from beach wear, pirate inspired design and evening wear. In the next sessions we will be creating accessories and delving into the world of textile sumptuousness!


Week 2. Bournville College visit Nash Point Lighthouse in Wales.


Chris and Nigel receive a certificate offering the official friendship of Bournville College.

On Wednesday 7th November fifty students from Bournville College, experienced what it’s like to visit a lighthouse and hear the sound of the foghorn. Our hosts Chris and Nigel gave us a fascinating tour of this magnificent example of lighthouse engineering.

We would recommend that you visit Nash Point to really experience its breathtaking views and learn about the fascinating history from lighthouse attendants Chris and Nigel. You can even get married and stay in one of their cottages right at the edge of the coast line.

The film below gives a short insight into the internal workings of the Fog Horn apparatus; as demonstrated by Nigel….and then blasted out through the foghorn by Chris!

You can find out more about Nash Point lighthouse here.

Bournville College and the ‘Lighthouse Links’ project.

Bournville College have teamed up with MADE to discover lighthouse heritage worldwide though our project entitled ‘Everybody’s Story’. Lecturer Bonita Leatham and MADE’s Community Heritage Worker Nita Newman are working together to help students to discover the world of Chance Glass Works. Students will research the history of Chance Glass Works and its product range including the famed lighthouse lenses.

On Monday 7th November fifty level 2 and 3 Art & Design and Textile students are gearing up to visit Nash Point lighthouse to offer the official friendship of Chance Brothers Glass Works and to learn about lighthouse heritage. The project will enable sharing of heritage information so that we can share stories from the Chance Glass factory with stories from the sea. Students will also be able to share their artistic responses with Nash Point through Facebook and on other platforms such as this blogsite and the MADE website.

The students will learn how to respond to their research through drawing painting and textile mediums which will be assessed as part of their course work. The courses at Bournville will culminate in an exhibition of their work at the end of the academic year. This will showcase all of their research and responses to the products that Chance Glass produced. This exhibition will further raise the profile of Chance Glass Works as a world class heritage site of special significance.

Information from writer David Encill through his books ‘Chance Expressions’ and ‘Chance Additions’ has provided valuable inspiration in terms of surface and pattern design; see David’s website here. In terms of the factory and its future the students discussed the plans for the site under the direction of the Chance Glass Heritage Trust.


Beverly makes a flying start


Certificate for Nash Point


Students learn presentation skills through book binding technique.(Brendan makes a fine example of a pocket zig zag book)






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