Eric Reaney’s Story

Eric Reaney MBE.

Eric’s Story starts as a fourteen year old applying for a job in the traffic office during the second world war. He spent four years working six days a week 7.30am-6pm. Eric recounts his memories of the furnaces, the glass workers, the lighthouse works, music while you worked and sports at the Pavilion. He spent his lunchtimes down in the warm cellars with his work mates throwing stones at the rats. During his time at Chance Glass Works Eric became one of the home guard.

Eric witnessed the extent of the damage to the rolled plate department buildings by German bombers after the air raids during WWII. Chance Brothers and other factory sites like it were often targeted by enemy bombers.

At the age of eighteen Eric was called up to join the Royal Navy and on his return went on to be come actively involved in youth work for many years. Eric was also involved in the Red Cross. This selfless work led to being nominated for an MBE in 2006.

Today at the age of 91, (at the time of this interview in January 2016) Eric still volunteers at the local food bank and is a keen artist.

NOTE: For data protection there are gaps in the audio so that names in full are not made public.

Erics Painting

Eric’s Painting

One thought on “Eric Reaney’s Story

  1. Must have known many of my family. And Doris Farley was a nurse in the surgery there my Uncle Arthur Farley was Company Secretary there Aunt Elsienwas in the Printing office. Cousin Frank and Uncle Harry they all worked for Chances many years ago and cousin Peter Farley in the Carpentors. These are just a few. Remember many days and evening spent as children in thenRecreation Club. Happy days


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