Alan & Joyce’s story

Alan joined Chance Brothers when he was 15 years old in 1939. Later on he met his wife whilst working at Chance Brothers. Alan described Joyce as not only his wife but a lifelong friend; one of many in his five years of service in a workplace that he describes as ‘magical’.

Alan is a very modest person who has dedicated much of his time to researching lighthouses and the history behind their production. A link to his website can be found below and also in the Directory page of this blogsite.


Coming soon…

The oral history interviews from Alan and Joyce will be broken into subsections so that you can choose the subject matter.


One thought on “Alan & Joyce’s story

  1. Hi I read with interest the various stories particularly Alan Taylor who started at Chances in 1939 aged 15 – and wondered if possible he could fill in some gaps for me. I am desperately trying to piece together my mothers background – I never knew any of her family but believe that she met my dad at Chances during the war. My mother was Gladys Shaw / Whitehouse – her mother married a 2nd time and unsure which my mother went under. I have learnt recently that they married in Coven and gave their address as Brinsfield Lodge…. I believe there was a munitions factory there, but find it bizarre as they never mentioned any of this. Would be happy to hear from anyone who a) knew my mother and/or b) is aware of the Brinsfield Lodge connection. I have tried Brinsfield Lodge but with no luck. Many thanks in advance


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